How to start or expand your business with Aphrodite

Method one:Will you use your social software for business?

The first one we introduced is social software marketing,you can use the social software you use (such as Facebook or instagram or Twitter) to help you do business, enter our website to copy pictures, increase the price based on our price, and share it on your social software to get customers and earn intermediate prices profit. Order from Aphrodite, when you receive the goods, then sell the goods to your customers.

Method two:Do you have your own website?

You can build a safe and reliable website like us to conduct business.

Method three:Do you know what is drop shipping?

In drop shipping, the retailer actually earns the difference between the price charged by the supplier and the buyer.

Drop shipping is widely used in the field of e-commerce, this business model may be the business model with the lowest investment risk. Dropshipping is a good choice for people who don't want to hold and manage inventory. It is also very suitable for people who are just starting e-commerce because it is easy to operate and has low barriers to entry.

About Drop ship

The reason you can rely on this ship method is because the bag contains no information about our company and Aphrodite official website. It is totally safe that you leave your customers’ address directly on it.