Order method 2

How to place an order

If you want a simple way to order please click here

Through our website
    To add the product to the shopping cart, please click here to contact us before checkout to obtain and apply our discount code.

    Enter the discount code we provide on the checkout page and send all screenshots of the color, product size, product quantity, and price of the product to us via WhatsApp, and we will help you order the product (payment through the salesperson).

The example is as follows(All product screenshots)

Please take screenshots of all the products you have selected. Please do not take screenshots of the same products repeatedly. Such as the first two products in the second picture

      Again, please take screenshots of all the products you have selected to help us prepare your order. We will make an order form to confirm with you after you order. If you have not taken a screenshot of all the products problem caused by the lack of the products you received has nothing to do with us.

      By ordering from the Aphrodite company, you agree to the above terms and conditions.