Now we have updated the new service.

→ Custom printed logo.

We also have other customized services, not yet open, please keep an eye on our website for the latest information!

The process of customizing the logo service:

❤You can order directly on the website, after ordering, send the picture directly to your sales representative, if you do not have a sales representative, please contact:  Aaliyah zeng   (CLINK)

❤You can directly contact our salesman or website responsible personnel for communication and exchange.

Custom logo service precautions:

🛑 order at least 10 pieces.

🛑 only support printing, temporarily unable to embroider and diamond setting.

🛑 If you are looking to order a large number of printing services (e.g. 100 pieces), we can customize the sample clothes for you to check.

sales representative👇