Aphrodite Holiday Notices 2023

🛑Aphrodite website still accepting orders 

🛑We will be back on January 29, 2023 New York time

🛑Aphrodite will stop accepting offline orders from now on


Dear customers and friends of Aphrodite Company:

Due to the Lunar New Year holiday, APHRODITE will stop accepting offline orders on January 13, 2023 New York time, and all orders before the 13th will be shipped before the start of the holiday.

Aphrodite website can still order products after January 13, 2023. But holiday orders will ship sequentially after January 29, 2023. Please make reasonable arrangements before placing an order .Customers who have already placed an order, please do not worry that our sales representatives will track your package until you receive it safely.

❤Order Acceptance Time:❤

We will be back on January 29, 2023 New York time . If you need APRODITE to help you find a new product during the holidays, please post it in the Facebook group and we will help you find it unconditionally(●'◡'●)

❤Looking forward to working with you after the holiday!❤

Please stay tuned to our Facebook group and follow our website for updates on our return to normal work. 😊

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